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(!!) i'm posting these icons here and not to the community because actually this entry i personal, these are icons as gift for my friend's bday <3 (it was yesterday but lkjhgfd i hadn't my pc so yeah here i am now lol) mianhae~

you guys can you use them anyway k
all'inizio volevo fare icons di tutti i tuoi bias ma sono un epic fail e per evitare di fare
le solite figure di mer-, sono andata sul sicuro (?)
pretendo di avere la tua bias-list completa oK \o/
son pochine ma spero ti piacciano ;_

taeale_25  taeale_24  taeale_23
taeale_22  taeale_21  taeale_20
taeale_19  taeale_18  taeale_17
taeale_16  taeale_15  taeale_14
taeale_13  taeale_12  taeale_11
taeale_10  taeale_9  taeale_8
taeale_7  taeale_6  taeale_5
taeale_4  taeale_3  taeale_2 taeale_1
Tags: !gift, !icon, group: shinee, group: snsd, member: sunny, member: taemin
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